CREATIVEstyling + FOODstyling

CREATIVEstyling is the sister company of FOODstyling!

We offer creative services that can assist with your next event or promotional marketing campaign.

Our Graphic Designers have a wealth of experience dealing with the Hospitality Industry and then some. With over 20 years Design experience we are bound to be able to assist with your next CREATIVEstyling requirement weather it be Hospitality related or not!


The services that we offer are as follows:

Website Design

Social Media Marketing Campaigns and ongoing update service

Stationery Design - Business Cards, Flyers, Price Lists etc.

Signage & Packaging Design Solutions

Event Styling by qualified Interior Designers

Event Printed Materials -

Invitations, Place Cards, Service Booklets, Powerpoint Presentations etc.

Food & Event Photography